Disney Vacation Club Rentals

If you are a Disney Vacation Club owner have you considered renting your points to Disney travelers through a facilitator like dvcpointsforrent.com?  If the answer is no, then here are some things to think about.

The Disney Vacation Club is one of the fasted growing segments of the Disney empire and the demand for point rentals is high.

In some cases DVC Members are naming their price to the multitudes of people that are ready to travel with cash in hand.  And as Disney continues to invest in their DVC properties, the demand will continue to grow.

So, do you think of your points as an investment?  I think it would be wise to do so.  Many people purchase Disney Vacation Club points simply because they want to go to Disney as much as possible and don’t plan to rent them.

However, just like owning a beach house or vacation home, the potential for others to help you pay for it is there (and then some).  Many DVC members rent their points and use the money  to book other fabulous vacations, while others rent half of their points each year to pay for their premiums.  Once their premiums are paid, well they have free resort stays for the next 40 plus years.

Consider an intermediary such as dvcpointsforrent.com when renting your points.  They have people ready to travel, they have the rental agreements, the processes and all already setup and it takes the stress out of the rental for you.

So, Disney Vacation Club members take note…….spread some pixie dust and rent your points!