DVC Members

Sometimes DVC owners find themselves with more points than they are able to use for one reason or another.  Or some of us simply use some of our DVC points as an investment.  Regardless of the reason, your most likely here because you are interested in renting your DVC points.


DVCPointsForRent.com can helps Disney Vacation Club members rent their points to people all over the world!

We provide the process, rental agreements, facilitate the payment and fully communicate with the renter on your behalf.  We take all of the stress out of it for you.

Our process is simple. 

  • Complete our DVC Member Associate Agreement.
  • We’ll provide you access to our DVC Members section that has access to our Wish List where we’ll have our prospective renters dates and resorts listed.
  • Search for a rental prospect that matches up with your needs (home resort, within your 11 month booking window perhaps) and select it by clicking the customer ID and complete the form that it links to.
  • We’ll send you the information for booking.  This part happens quickly.  Be prepared to make the booking quickly to ensure availability.
  • Send us all confirmation and reservation numbers and information.
  • Be prepared to add Disney Dining Plan to the reservation.  We’ll send you the information and an electronic gift card to pay for the DDP.
  • Forward all hard copy documents to DVCPointForRents.com

Here’s why you should use DVCPointsForRent.com to facilitate the renting of your Disney Vacation Club points:

–          We’re DVC Members as well and have been for years!  Like you, we know the entire DVC processes inside and out.

–          We’re DVC pros and our customer that rent points from our members benefit from this.

–          We have value add-on such as our Magical Experience Vacation template that enables us to attract a wider audience of potential renters.

–          We facilitate the process, provide the rental agreements, and communicate with your renter and more.

–         We pay very competitive rates and our method is very simple:   You’ll receive $11.50 per point regardless of the resort or the booking window.  We pay 80% of the initial payment at time of booking and the 20% balance at time of check-in.  Others pay 50/50 or 75/25.  You get your money fast and more of it up front!

Are you ready to rent your points?  Complete our online DVC Member Associate Agreement to get started.