Renting Your Points

DVC Members – How to rent your points

DSC03931As a DVC Member you may find yourself with available points…so why not rent them.

At we pay very competitive rates and have very attractive rental process. We are Disney Pros and DVC Members ourselves and we’ll effectively foster the rental process between the vacationer and you, the DVC Member!

Simply complete the DVC Member Associate Agreement and we’ll provide you access to our Magical Wishes page of DVC Vacation prospects. Our Magical Wishes page is where we list our renter’s Magical Wish List of vacation dates, resorts and needed points.

You, the DVC Member, can pick the one that makes the most sense for you and start the engagement process.

All of this will be lined out once you complete the DVC Member Agreement.

Ready to get started? Ok, click here to complete the DVC Member Agreement and let’s do this!