Renting DVC points enables non-DVC members to take advantage of the huge savings. You can stay at one of the many Disney Vacation Club Resorts for a fraction of the cost, saving you up to 45% to 60% on resort costs. Read More
Ready to go to Disney! Renting points to stay at a Disney owned resort will save you considerable money! Our process is lined out here!
There are many wonderful Disney Resort options at your disposal. For more information on DVC Resorts and the associated points, visit our Disney Resorts page.
Use our DVC Points Comparison Calculator to estimate the number of points needed to stay at a DVC Resort. You’ll be given a quote with the exact amount once you complete the Vacation Request Form.
No. All DVC Resort reservations have to be made by the DVC owner per Disney Vacation Club policy.
Yes. Once you are a member of dvcpointsforrent.com, you will have access to our members planning section. Here you will be able to make dining reservations, use the online check in process (60 days out), and have access to many other vacation planning tools!
Due to the policies enforced by the Disney Vacation Club, once a room is booked, all sales become final. We encourage you to consider travelers insurance for your protection.


DVC Members

You may have more points than you can use before the expiration date. Renting your points can allow you to receive some of the money back on your investment, while allowing non-DVC members to enjoy the Disney experience.
We provide the process, rental agreements, facilitate the payment and fully communicate with the renter on your behalf. We take all of the stress out of it for you. Click here for details about the rental process.
If you’re ready to start renting your points to our Disney travelers, click here to complete the agreement – then you’re set!